Meet The Team


Meet Dale

Dale started baking in 1999 with Brumbys Bakeries and learnt the fine art of making all kinds of bread in his time there. His passion though, was to create occasion cakes for friends and family. Dale is self taught in the art of cake baking and decoration and attributes trial and error for a lot of the cake skills he has learnt over the last decade. Since opening Jackleys Bakehouse in 2012 he has been able to hone his skills in cake decorating which has allowed his hobby to grow into a career. Dale now gets satisfaction in all facets of business ownership such as marketing, branding, team building and customer relations.


Meet Libby

A self confessed cake addict, Libby started her career in the cake industry as a hobbyist but soon developed self taught skills by following well known cake decorators on instagram and adapting their styles in a blended mix of her own cakey greatness. Her job satisfaction comes from seeing the customers reactions when one of her artistic creations leaves her work bench.


Meet Bec

Bec is the attention to detail in everything that Jackley’s Bakehouse is about, from cake decorating to customer service. Her passion is to satisfy every customer with the best quality of cake decoration possible, every time. Her creativity and attention to detail is derived from her former career as a talented Hair Dresser by trade. Bec has learnt and mastered skills in fondant work and her talent allows each cake to be topped off with individualised finishing touches.


Meet Tia

Tia has grown up around the Bakehouse and believes that she is the true CEO, albeit a tiny one. She has learnt skills by watching the team create masterpiece cakes over the years and she has started developing her own range of cupcakes which are available in store on Saturdays. Tia also helps with School Holiday cupcake classes where she passes on her skills and knowledge to other kids her age.