Jackleys Bakehouse was founded in 2012 by Dale and Bec, who at the time, had a three year old and were just weeks off getting married. Owning a bakery had always been an aspiration of Dale who had 13 years experience running a brumbys store and was ready to go out on his own.

Their first store was in Raintrees Shopping Centre and was primarily a bread and pie store. Over the first successful year the couple saw their team grow quickly as the demand for their product built up and more wholesale bread customers came on board. At the time Dale and Bec took an opportunity to open a retail shop front in the newly expanded Mt Sheridan Plaza on the Southside of cairns.

The bread industry started to take a downturn inline with economic struggles of customers as well as large supermarket chains selling bread loaves for as little as $1. The Jackleys had to find a way to diversify their business in order to survive and in doing so the cake side of their business was born.

Dales passion for creating cakes for family and friends soon turned to a vital part of daily business and Bec soon developed skills to help with the companies new direction. As bread production wound down the cake business flourished with a growing following of their business page on facebook.

With cake orders mounting up the Jackleys kept a look out for talented help which saw the addition of Libby Nelson to the cake decorating team. Libby had been working at a nearby cake store as an assistant but her natural and self taught talent was recognised by the Jackleys who offered her a full time cake decorating gig. The trio would go on to make bigger and better cake designs as the requests came flowing in.

In early 2017 the Raintrees store was sold which allowed for the Mt Sheridan store the teams full attention and more time to put into their passion of making cakes. The facebook following also continued to grow as local families locked jackleys bakehouse in as a go to for all of their special occasions.

In late 2018 Jackleys Bakehouse moved into their new purpose built cake studio in Mt Sheridan Plaza, featuring massive display windows showcasing their cake skills which have grown with them over their time in business. The new store has put them on the map as an attraction and a must see cake store when visiting cairns.